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Fundraising Links

Fundraising Ideas for Everyone!!

Will update with more ideas as they become available!!

World's Finest Chocolate

World's Finest Chocolate® is the leader in the Canadian chocolate fundraising industry. We make our own chocolate in a Peanut Free Facility. All our products are certified Peanut Free. We also offer a large selection of Nut Free products.

Lamontagne Chocolate

Campaigns that involve catalogs and direct sales

Mom's Pantry

Spices, baking goods, frozen dough, buns and more!

Hockey Spirit Fundraising

Beautiful painted photos in a 12 month calendar.

Alantra Donelli Fundraising- Manitoba

• Donelli Pizza/Stuffed Pastas/Sauces & Lasagna • Alantra Cookie Dough/Preportioned Cookie Dough Pucks/Cheesecakes/Carrot Cake/ Baby Mini-Cheesecakes/Cake Rolls & Pies • Alantra Breakfast & Pizza Wraps/Burritos & Sloppy Joe Wrap We’re priced favorably, great tasting, well known and have been very successful in schools, daycares, sport teams, clubs and other organization who need to raise money for graduations, school trips, camp, sports equipments, bands, music etc. Some of our benefits with doing our fundraiser include: We deliver on weekends/holidays/evenings PRESENTATION / KICK OFF / SAMPLES available No pre-paid inventory (sell only what is ordered) No taxes on food items Delivery goes direct to school, daycare or specific address Profits usually between 35-48% Over 30 items that are Nut/Peanut Free available (pizzas, pastas, sauces, lasagna, burritos & wraps )